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area rug cleaning

Carpet in Living Room

Keeping an area rug looking good can be a task. You cannot simply throw it in the washer- many times this will ruin it. Let us handle it! 

Don’t Trust Just Anyone With Your Hand-made Wool Far Eastern or Persian Area Rugs

Hand-Made Area Rugs usually carry a name related to the region where they are made. So they can be called Far Eastern, Asian, Turkish, Persian etc. If you have a hand-made area rug and that needs cleaning, you need to have someone clean it who knows what they are doing. That means calling Citro’s Carpet Cops.

If you have a hand-made area rug, it most likely cannot be cleaned using the same method as a wall to wall carpet. That’s because Hand-Made or Hand-Knotted rugs are made with yarn that has dye which has not been set. So, if you get it wet, the dye will release from where it is at and bleed onto other areas of the carpet, ruining the rug.

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