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Spot dying can save you thousands of dollars in costly carpet replacement. Jeff is a Master dyer and while not ALL damage can be fixed with spot dyeing- most of it can be. Let us see if we can help! 

We specialize in Professional Carpet Spot Dyeing

So, maybe someone spilled bleach or maybe cleaned a spot with one of the new spot cleaners that has bleach in it. Or that urine 'stain' is not a stain but changed the actual COLOR of the carpet. Or perhaps 'craft time' got messy and now there are colored spots on your carpet...

I have seen ALL  of those things happen and fixed those spots so that you could not tell they were ever there. That doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, the best I can do is to make the spot a little less noticeable, and there is no way to tell which outcome to expect. and while not cheap, but it certainly is less expensive than replacing hundred of square feet of carpet. 

 Hilton Hotel Spot Dye before

Hilton Hotel Ball room carpet with bleach stains

Hilton Hotel Spot Dye after

Hilton Hotel Ball room carpet with bleach stains

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