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wood floor cleaning

Wooden Floor

Take the guess work out of how to clean your wood flooring without damaging them. 

We Can Clean And Maintain Your Wood Floors

Wood Floor Cleaning and Maintenance is a relatively new service for this industry. So much so that most people still don’t know what it is and why it is essential to do.

So what is it?

The old rule of thumb was “Never use water to clean your wood floors” However, Basic Coatings (the go-to wood floor people for a century) have developed a machine to clean a wood floor with water. It does not harm the floor and gets it cleaner than you could ever get it on your own. Firstly, It does that by applying a water-based cleaning solution to the floor, scrubbing it with counter-rotating brushes, and then vacuuming up the solution leaving the floor completely dry after each pass with the machine.

After the first pass, if you would like to have the topcoat renewed to a like-new shine, we make another pass with a cleaner meant to remove any residue from the first cleaner and ready the floor for a new coat of polyurethane as long as the finish is not worn through to the bare wood. We can then apply layers of finish to the floor to build it up and restore the shine.

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