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Of course, we are going to say we’re awesome at Steam Cleaning Carpets but

Everyone says they do a great job cleaning carpet using Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning (AKA Carpet Steam Cleaning) or just Steam Cleaning. I you want a top-quality job done it’s best to verify what you are told with reviews and pictures. Because everyone says they will do what it takes to get the job done right but just saying you know how to clean carpet doesn’t mean anything if you can’t prove it with pictures.

You can see just how great the roto-vac (and our skills) are at returning a filthy carpet to beautifully clean. 

Carpet Half Done

Below you can see the difference in what getting your upholstery cleaned can do for the look of your furniture

Upholstery Cleaning

Below is an example of the results we can get on carpet the owners thought was completely ruined. A client had a very sick dog. (he is fine now) and his food ran right through him and made this huge pet stain. The red is the dye from the dog food he ate.

As you can see it is almost completely gone. 

Red Dye Before and After

Hilton Hotel in Tulsa OK

Hilton spot dye before

Carpet with bleach spots.

Hilton spot dye after

Carpet after dye matching

Someone cleaned a 20,000 sq ballroom with a solution that had bleach in it. It spotted the carpet all along the baseboard. 

They called me in. It took 12 hours to dye match each spot that has been bleached. But I matched them perfectly. 


When I had the manager come look  (different manager as the shift had changed)
He said "What did you do?.. clean it?"
I said " no i dye matched the bleach spots."

Manager said "What bleach spots?"
I said "Exactly"  -Jeff Citro

Commercial customer

Office carpet cleaning

Pretreating the carpet is the first step as we start to restore the carpet in this lobby

commercial carpet cleaning

Here are the results of Hot Water Extraction Deep Carpet Cleaning. After pretreating and deep scrubbing with a buffer, we extract the Carpet. This is what it looks like halfway through.

apartment complex

apartment before

An Apartment Oklahoma City before Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

apartment after

Just look at what a Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning can do…

Half way through mattress cleaning

Mattress cleaning

Love seat cleaning

love seat before cleanng

Before wet method of Upholstery cleaning 

Lover seat after cleaning

After wet method of Upholstery cleaning

Keep in mind not all carpets will come clean, no matter what you do (or we do). Having said that in many cases (BUT NOT ALL CASES) we can do some additional techniques for carpet cleaning that may get the carpet clean.

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