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Expert Pet Stain and Odor Removal

The cause of Pet odor in your carpet

GOT PET ODOR? Not for long.

If you have a pet like a dog you probably had to deal with their accidents (for cats it's called an on purpose). However, it got there the smell is horrendous and you want it gone. I can relate. With over 30 years in this industry, I can guarantee to get rid of the odor as long as it is coming from your carpet and it is from urine or fecal matter that got on the carpet somehow. 

That is an important distinction because if there is an odor in your house the usually the first to get blamed is your pet. But the odor is not always from a dog or cat using your floor as a toilet.  I often get called by folks who say they have a dog smell just because they do not know what it is and want to call it something. In most cases, we go out to clean and odor neutralize and everything is great.

Sometimes the smell will come back after a couple of days. This means the odor is coming from the pad. So if that happens call us and we will return to do a Subsurface OIdor Extraction.

To do so we need to find the spot that smells which means getting down on the floor and smelling the carpet. Once we found the spot(s) we mix a few gallons of odor neutralizer and pour it on the carpet saturating the carpet and soaking it all the way through to the subfloor. Then we use a tool called a Water Claw® to extract the Odor neutralizer back out. There are specialty situations but for the most part that is how it is done.


I would love to say after 30 years in this industry that I have always removed

the smell from a house but I haven't. We have failed maybe three times

because sometimes that smell isn't always a pet smell and it isn't coming from

the carpet. 

For Urine Stains The Answer Is Simple

Just absorb as much of the urine as you can into a towel then spray a fair amount of Citro's Urine Stain Remover on the spot. Let it dry. Repeat if needed afterward the stain and the smell will be gone. Guaranteed

Cute Cat

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