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Why you want a Clean, Healthy Carpet

Which is more important to you: a clean carpet or a clean and healthy carpet? Yes, I assure you, there is a big difference.

Each carpet cleaning method has advantages and disadvantages. Some ways will get out only the dirt other ways will get out dirt and grease. Still, others will get out virtually everything.

If all you want is a cheap, rinse-the-dirt-off-the-top cleaning which you might find for around $20 per room, then I respectfully ask that you call another company.

However, if you want to protect your health, if you want to protect your investment in carpeting, if you’re going to protect your family from the countless bacteria, fungus, pollens and dust mites that reside in your carpet, then you’re invited to call me.

The truck-mounted hot water unit is the most effective cleaning system available today. Likewise, it’s one of the most expensive units on the market. However, we bought this unit for a good reason: more and more families want the good-health benefits that come from having a fresh, clean carpet.

Have you ever seen how dirty a little boy’s pants get when he plays outdoors? If you have, then you know you can brush off his pants and make him think they’re clean. Alternatively, if you want the job done right, you can machine wash them in hot water and detergent, and you’ll KNOW they’re clean.

The same is true for your carpet.


You can hire someone for $25 to $50 who will brush off’ your carpeting and make you think it’s clean. Alternatively, I’ll clean your carpets with hot water, using my state-of-the-art cleaning machine, and you’ll KNOW they’re clean.

So if you want a thoroughly clean carpet, if you’re willing to invest in your family’s good health, you’re invited to call us. You’ll receive a written quote, at no cost or obligation. Also, if you give us the go-ahead, you’re further protected with our;

4 Steps to a Fresh, Clean, Healthy Carpet

If you’re thinking about having your carpets cleaned, we encourage you to follow these four steps:

STEP #1: Commit to yourself to get your carpets cleaned. The longer they remain dirty, the sooner (Boomer!) they’ll wear out. Plus, the longer you have to breathe all the pollen, fungus, and chemicals that hid in your carpet.

STEP #2: List your objectives. Do you want:

Only the dirt removed, something you could do with a rented shampooer?

All the bacteria, fungus, chemicals and dust mites removed, which will require a hot water truck-mount cleaner, as we use?

To work with an honest, reputable company, or are you willing to risk working with the company that offers you the lowest price?

STEP #3: Ask questions. The way you learn about a company is to ask specific questions and listen carefully to the answers. Here are eight tough questions to ask a carpet cleaner before he begins to clean your carpet:

STEP #4: Once you’re satisfied that you’re working with an honest, competent professional, invite him into your home and ask for a specific quote in writing. A written quote assurance you that you know precisely what your job will cost no surprises.

By following these four steps, you’ll gain all the information you need to make an informed, intelligent decision on who to have clean your carpet.

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