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VCT- Vinyl Composite Floor Maintenance 

Ceramic Tiles

Clean, shiny floors help make a fantastic first impression. That’s why maintaining your floors should be a priority. Regular cleaning and deep cleaning of floors should be part of your building’s maintenance to prevent the grimy look of drab flooring.

VCT flooring : used in commercial settings because it is durable. Composed from about 65% limestone, VCT flooring is porous and inclined to collecting dirt and grime. To protect its porous surface, layers of Finish (Wax) are applied. Over time, the top layer dulls leaving visitors with a 'dirty floor' impression.

VCT flooring needs deep cleaned (Strip and Waxed) to remove the damage caused by sun exposure, traffic and plain old wear and tear. When your floor appears dull, yellowish and grimy... it's time for a Strip and Wax: deep cleaning. 

Once deeply cleaned (Stripped), new layers of wax (Wax) are applied and then buffed, leaving you with floors that are something to be proud of. 

Nobody wants to hear people say their flooring looks dirty. We can help! Your floors should add to your good reputation: not tarnish it. Give us a call at 405 631 1209  We would love to help you make and keep a great impression. 

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