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Why Choose  Us?

Because we are going to give you the
Best Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service
You Have Ever Seen.
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It’s Commitment

  • We are committed to you.

  • We are committed to excellence.

  • We are committed to paying attention to detail.

  • We are committed to being the only cleaning service you will ever want to use.

  • We are committed to being number one, making everyone else number two or lower.

Sometimes people want to get a quick carpet cleaning done. They don’t care if the carpet gets cleaned, they just need to say the carpets were professionally cleaned. In times like that, what’s needed is a cheap, inexperience coupon carpet cleaner, and that is not us. So if that is what you are looking for I respectfully ask that you call someone else. However, if you do call us I have some guarantees for you:

  • I guarantee that we WILL NOT be the cheapest in town, not even close.

  • I guarantee that we WILL GIVE you the best value for your money.

  • I guarantee you that you WILL NOT regret using us. 

  • I guarantee you WILL NEVER want to use another cleaning service for the rest of your life.

Jeff Citro Sr

Our Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service’s 5 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

First, we always vacuum. Vacuuming the carpet removes the non-soluble dirt, pet hair, and other trash that causes matting and packing and would hinder the cleaning process. We use Kirby vacuum cleaners. Because nothing works better than a Kirby. We take our time when vacuuming, the slower you go, the deeper you go, the more you pick up.

We apply a proprietary mix Traffic Lane Cleaner to the first room we clean and let it dwell on the carpet while we set up the rest of the equipment. 

After the equipment is set up we apply the pre-spray to the second room/area so it can dwell while we extract the first. We continue to do so for all the rooms/areas we are going to clean.

Now, some people may ask, “Why is it necessary to pre-spray with Traffic Lane Cleaner if we use a cleaner in the General Cleaning solution?”

Pre-spraying the carpet gives the chemicals time to go to work on the dirt and grime. Like when you spray cleaner on your laundry and let it sit for a few minutes before putting it in the wash. An important fact to know is that this is a normal part of cleaning the carpet and no Professional Carpet Cleaner will ever charge extra for it.

Next, We Extract The Carpet

To extract the carpet, we use Truck Mounted Bane Clene equipment. We bring all the water we need with us and take the dirty water with us when we leave. We can carry 125 gallons of water, enough to last all day long. Depending on the amount of dirt we can do from 6,000 to 8,000 square feet on one tank full of water. Bane Clene equipment is a low-pressure system. Only about 160 psi. Bane Clene equipment uses less water than most other Truck Mounts on the market today.

The machine itself stays on the truck, and we bring in the water and vacuum hoses into your home. We use a “Scrub Wand” when we apply the rinsing agent. Then the rinsing agent suspends the dirt loosened by the pre-spray, and the wand extracts the whole mess out to our truck and into a waste tank. For every stroke of rinse application, we extract twice, removing 95% of the water that we use. We also have a tool called the Rotovac, which we use if we need to get out the really ground in dirt (See the video below).  

We Spot clean on an
as-needed basis.

Some stains, like pet stains, will need pre-treated with a specific chemical, but with the highly developed chemicals we have today, most spots and stains will come out with the general cleaning process. 

If we move furniture, we will move it back to where it was, or at least as close as we can get it. Then put either Styrofoam blocks or small plastic squares we call “Tabs” under the furniture that has wood or metal legs.

Then, we groom the carpet, which gets rid of all the footprints and stands the carpet pile up which makes it look pretty and helps speed up drying

The Final Steps

The final step is to dry the carpet. The fastest way to dry freshly cleaned carpet is to open a window in each area we clean, and if there is a ceiling fan turn it on. If you don’t want to open a window in all the areas, at a minimum, open one on each end of the house. Keeping the air moving will dry the carpets much faster. DON’T turn up the heat. That will cause it to get humid in the house, and the carpet will take forever to dry.

Usually, the carpets will be dry in about 6 to 8 hours That is the process, in a nutshell, it’s a simple process that works exceptionally well. Why then doesn’t everyone do a fantastic job cleaning carpets?

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