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Pet Stain Remover W/ Odor Neutralizer

Pet Stain Remover W/ Odor Neutralizer

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Not for long, our Urine Stain Remover works exceptionally well, even on old stains.  Just spray the urine spot with enough of Citro's Urine Stain Remover to get the carpet fibers Wet and let it dry. The stain will disappear as it dries. A few applications may be necessary to completly renmove the stain. However, NOT ALL PET STAINS COME OUT. Because as urine sits on the carpet, there is a chemical change that can distort or destroy the pigment in the dye of the carpet. So now, the carpet in that spot is a new color, and we are not talking about stain removal, but instead, we have a color loss problem. However, the odor is always removable. So if you have that lingering Pet odor, I guarantee we can get it out. The stain will stay gone (until they do it again).

If you REALLY want the color back to normal try our Spot Dyeing Repair. it is expensive, so may not be an option for all people- but it does wonders. 

  • Directions

     For new Urine Stains- Get a towel fold it about an inch thich lay the towel  on the urine stain and step and on the towel.  Apply pressure with your foot and shift to a dry part of the towel as needed. When you have absorbed as much as you can, remove the towel and spray a fair amount of Citro's Urine Stain Remover on the spot.  As the spot dries the stain will disappear. Once dry reappy as needed. The older the stain the more applications that may be required.


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